Kitchen Knives

Lorimer kitchen knives are made to stand the rigour of commercial use while still remaining a treasure to hold and own. All of the knives are hand made . Some are made to standard shapes that have evolved over time and some knives are made to specific requirements.

These are just a few samples of the many and varied knives made at Lorimer knives.

Mixed set
Bone handled boning knife
Oyster shucker
Prep knife with bone and inset Paua shell
Set with Totara and Black pearl shell
8 inch chef knife with inlaid black pearl shell
10 inch chef knife with Totara handle and Paua shell inlay
7 inch chef knife with Beech burl handle
Japanese vege 8 inch Japanese style vegetable knife with Rata handle
5 inch prep knife with Black Pearl shell inlay
Herb Knife
Lemon cleaver 4 inch Lemon cleaver with Tree fern handle.
Curved prep knife with bone handle and Black Pearl shell inlay
Box set of Boning, Chef, Carving, and prep knives with Rata burl handles. -1998
12 inch Carving knife with Rata burl and inset Paua shell
Recent Totora set. From top : Herb, prep, 7 inch, 8 inch, prep, and 10 inch chef knives.
Bone handled knife set with Black Pearl shell inlay
Prep, 10 inch and herb knife.